Vandercook Events


Memorable occasions are the nectar that sweetly punctuate our everyday life, making it worthwhile. Planning, looking forward to and enjoying dinner parties and special celebrations give us those reasons to buy that new pair of shoes, look our best and connect with those that we love.

My passion for event design started at the very young age of 14, when I started planning elaborate holiday dinner parties for my friends and family. Over the years, and after attending the Interior Design Institute of Newport Beach, I have found a way to combine my love of design and interior staging to create an event space that is magical and memorable, curated specifically for each client.

Intimate dinner parties encapsulate some of my very own treasured memories, dating all the way back to sitting at the table with the grown ups, when  I was a child. There is nothing better  than setting a table that gives your guests a chance to sit down, relax and enter a world outside of their daily activities. I enjoy creating a space that inspires people, stretches the imagination and ultimately gives them an experience that is unforgettable. 

The art of entertaining is something that I was born to do. I have spent my adult life living in New York City, Orange County and currently Los Angeles, where I have acquired the skill sets required to be a successful event designer. Whether it’s your next holiday party, corporate event or just a good reason to get loved ones together, let’s make it an occasion that is everything you want, beyond your wildest dreams.